Eats in Sydney

Sydney is a foodie paradise waiting to be explored. From trendy waterfront eateries to hidden laneway gems, Sydney offers a tempting array of dining experiences that will leave your taste buds craving more. We offer our suggestions to help you start your culinary adventure through Sydney.

For those eager to discover the best restaurants and eateries, several resources are available to guide your gastronomic journey


For those eager to discover the best restaurants and eateries, several resources are available to guide your gastronomic journey.

  1. First Table: Offering exclusive early bird dining deals, First Table allows you to book tables at popular Sydney restaurants and enjoy significant discounts on your meal, making fine dining more accessible and affordable.
  2. Time Out Sydney: A trusted source for restaurant recommendations, reviews, and guides to the city’s dining scene, ensuring you never miss out on the latest culinary hotspots.
  3. Broadsheet Sydney: An online magazine that covers all things food and drink in Sydney, offering insightful articles, reviews, and curated lists of must-visit restaurants and cafes.
  4. Urban List Sydney: A go-to destination for discovering Sydney’s latest dining trends, hidden gems, and upcoming food events.

Fine Dining Experiences

Start your culinary journey at Bennelong, nestled within the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House. This architectural marvel hosts an equally impressive dining experience where modern Australian cuisine takes centre stage. Indulge in dishes crafted with the finest local ingredients while taking in breathtaking views of the harbour. After considering Bennelong, here are some additional recommendations for fine dining options:

Flavours from around the world

Head to Spice Alley in Chippendale to taste Sydney’s multicultural flavours. This bustling laneway is a melting pot of Asian cuisines, with aromatic aromas wafting through the air as you navigate between hawker-style stalls. From fragrant Thai curries to mouthwatering Malaysian satay, Spice Alley promises a feast for the senses.

As a vibrant waterfront precinct near the International Convention Centre, Barangaroo, Sydney, offers diverse dining options. From Spanish tapas to Italian pasta and Turkish delights, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Alternatively, Darling Square is nearby and offers a vibrant precinct where dining and entertainment collide. Between Chinatown and Darling Harbour, Darling Square is a dynamic hub buzzing with energy and excitement. Here, you’ll find an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, and bars serving flavours from around the globe. But, if these suggestions do not entice you, here are some restaurants inspired from around the world to try in Sydney:


If you’re craving seafood, look no further than Sydney’s iconic Fish Market. Here, you can sample the freshest catch of the day straight from the ocean, whether succulent Sydney rock oysters or plump, juicy prawns. Pull up a seat at one of the market’s waterfront eateries and savour the sea’s bounty while soaking in the lively atmosphere. After exploring the Fish Market, head to these top recommendations to discover the best of Sydney’s fresh seafood:

Modern Australian: Show-casing our wine regions

To taste Australia’s world-renowned wine regions, venture to Nomad in Surry Hills. This rustic-chic restaurant celebrates the best of Australian produce, emphasising locally sourced ingredients and natural wines. Feast on wood-fired dishes bursting with flavour, paired perfectly with a Barossa Valley or Margaret River glass of boutique wine. If you’re not a fan of Nomad, here are some other restaurants in Sydney that are known for showcasing Australian wines and spirits:

Pubs and Bars

Head out to discover one of Sydney’s many pubs and bars. The pub is the heart of Australian social culture. Australian pubs embody a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where locals and visitors come together to unwind, share stories, and enjoy good company. Grab a drink at the Harbour View Hotel near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With its historic charm, waterfront views, and friendly atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer or classic pub meal while soaking in the beauty of Sydney Harbour. Why not head out to visit multiple pubs? Here are our suggestions to include in your pub crawl through Sydney:


End your culinary adventure sweetly at Black Star Pastry in Newtown. Renowned for their Instagram-worthy desserts, this patisserie is a must-visit for any food lover. Indulge in their famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake, a delicate balance of sweetness and freshness that will leave you craving for seconds. For those with a sweet tooth, here are other suggestions to try in Sydney: