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Workshop Information Guide

On behalf of the ISVEE17 Workshops Committee, thank you for your interest in conducting a workshop at the 17th International Symposium on Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics in November 2024 in Sydney. The following information will assist you in preparation of your workshop proposal.

We have provided two venue options, one at a university and the other at a hotel. Both are within 15-minutes’ walk of the symposium venue and are excellent workshop venues. We expect that most Workshop Organisers will prefer the cheaper university option. However, we cannot confirm availability of the university venue until December 2023 due to university timetabling. Therefore, there are three steps to workshop planning:

  1. June-September 2023: Workshop Organisers submit their proposal to the ISVEE17 Workshops Committee, stating their venue of choice.
    • We accept that some workshops will only be feasible if the university venue is available. Minimum numbers of participants needed to run the workshop (university only, or both university and hotel if hotel is an option) need to be provided.
  2. November 2023: ISVEE17 Workshops Committee notify workshop organisers of selected workshops pending final venue bookings.
    • Workshops will be selected based on scientific value and appeal to a definable sector of ISVEE participants, contribution to a broad range of workshops, the experience and capacity of the Workshop Organisers, and suitability of the workshop for the venue and style of ISVEE workshops.
  3. January 2024: Final agreements from Workshop Organisers based on confirmation of venues and finalisation of fees, with advertisement on the ISVEE17 website.

The ISVEE17 conference organiser, Arinex, and the ISVEE17 Workshops Committee will assist Workshop Organisers, with venue booking, audio visual requirements, delegate catering and fee collection. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

The ISVEE17 Workshops Committee:

Victoria Brookes, Brendan Cowled, Andrew McFadden, Jennifer Manyweathers, Caitlin Pfeiffer, Annette O’Connor, Sam Rowe.

Phone: +61 9265 0700 Email:

Important Dates

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General Information

Management Fees

The cost associated with the management of the workshop (website promotion, participant registration, fee collection, securing rooms) is based on a set fee of AUD$30.00 per person. Workshop organisers must account for this fee in their workshop costing. Please note there is a minimum non-refundable charge of AUD$300.00 per workshop based on 10 attendees. Credit card confirmation for this fee will be required at workshop confirmation in January 2024. Management fees will be deducted prior to disbursement of workshop fees following the Symposium.

Workshop Registration

Details of your workshop proposal will be included on the ISVEE17 website. Any participants wishing to register for workshops can do so during the standard Symposium registration process once workshops are finalised. They can also amend their original registration details at a later date to include any workshops. All workshop registrants need to be ISVEE17 attendees.

Fee Collection

Fees to attend the workshop will be collected by Arinex, the ISVEE17 Professional Conference Organiser.

Surplus Distribution

Any surplus from the workshops will be distributed to the Workshop Organisers (or nominee) following the Symposium. The Workshop Organisers are responsible for nominating an organisation or individual to receive the workshop profits.


ISVEE17 will not provide funding for workshops. Revenue collected from participant fees will be forwarded to the Workshop Organisers (or nominee) following the deduction of fees associated with the workshop, such as catering, room bookings, and management fee.


Workshops will be held in Sydney at a venue within walking distance (approximately 15 minutes) from the main Symposium venue, the International Conference Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour. The ISVEE17 Workshops Committee and Arinex will organise a suitable room for your workshop.

Deadlines & Cancellation

All workshop proposals must be received and approved by the ISVEE17 Workshops Committee. A decision on whether the workshop will proceed based on attendance numbers must be communicated to the ISVEE 17 Workshop Committee by 9 September 2024. This will enable both Workshop Organisers and workshop participants to finalise travel arrangements. Once a workshop is confirmed, the registration will remain open until the workshop is full or until advised by the Workshop Organisers. The Workshop Organisers bears all costs and risk of the workshop not proceeding.

Workshops inclusion in ISVEE 17 Program

The ISVEE17 Organising Committee reserves the right to not proceed with a workshop proposal. Workshop organisers must also obtain internal approval from their organisation/s.

Venue Selection & Dates

Two venues options are provided – Novotel Sydney Central and the University of Technology Sydney. Both venues are within 15-minutes’ walk from the International Conference Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour. Prices for both venues are detailed below.

Whilst we hope to be able to provide the university option, booking for this venue does not open until December, so availability cannot be guaranteed currently. Therefore, workshop organisers must state in their proposal if their workshop can go ahead if only the hotel option is available. Minimum numbers of participants needed to run the workshop (university only, or both university and hotel if hotel is an option) need to be provided.

Pre-ISVEE workshops should finish on Sunday, 10 November, prior to the Welcome Event, and post-ISVEE workshops should start on Monday 18 November. Workshops can be 1—5 days duration.

University of Technology Sydney Collaborative Classrooms
University of Technology Sydney Lecture Theatre
Novotel Sydney
Assorted Rooms


Catering can be arranged by both providers. The food and beverage packages are summarised below. Please note these prices are estimates based on current pricing, final costings will be provided once workshops are confirmed.

University of Technology Sydney
Novotel Sydney Central

Sydney Locations